Used Chevy Silverado 1500 For Sale

Having choice and variety is a cornerstone of effective truck shopping, especially when shopping for a pre-owned model. When you want a specific model with certain features, you need to find a dealer that can provide a selection of used trucks that appeal to your shopping needs. That means having a healthy variety of different models and trims available for you to peruse through. At Riverton Chevrolet, we offer all of this and more, and if you're looking to purchase a used Chevy Silverado 1500 for sale, you can't beat our extensive inventory and unbeatable prices.

Built on the foundations of humble beginnings as a family-owned business, Riverton Chevrolet has roots in the automotive industry that dates back a century, and we've utilized this experience in the industry to provide shoppers with the best selection of available vehicles on the market for great prices. For residents near our dealership looking for a great family vehicle, a recreation truck, or a job site companion, we have a selection of used Chevy Silverado 1500 models available for those in the market for a light-duty Chevy pickup that is feature-rich, dependable, and equipped with exceptional performance.

A silver 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTD is shown from above at a construction site.

Why Choose a Silverado 1500?

With the pickup truck market being saturated with many great options, why would you opt for a Silverado 1500 over other pickup trucks? Well, there are really good reasons why the Silverado 1500 is not only one of the best-selling trucks in America but one of the best-selling overall vehicles in America. It has carved out its place for a number of reasons, mostly for being one of the most dependable and functionally versatile pickups.

The Silverado 1500 made its original model year debut in 1999 and has continued to grow in its prestige and dominance in the market. This has mostly been because of Chevy's commitment to consistently evolving the Silverado with each model year. This includes the addition of more powerful and reliable powertrains, higher tier towing and trailering capabilities, improved technology to enhance the comfort and convenience levels of the Silverado, as well as integrated smart device technology for wireless connectivity and charging. Advanced safety and driver assistance features have also altered how drivers engage with the vehicle, as well as more reliable ways to protect occupants and utilize advanced detection systems to avoid potential collisions.

The Chevy Silverado 1500 has become a go-to nameplate in the industry for many of its advanced features across nearly every category, even spearheading performance and safety technologies that other competitors have been keen to imitate. The advancements and technology are just a part of what makes the Silverado 1500 such a great truck. Thanks to its powertrain options, practical capabilities, and increasingly sturdy frame, it has also established itself as a dependable work truck. Many have also found that it works as a multi-functional family vehicle thanks to its interior cabin size and as a recreational vehicle thanks to its off-roading capabilities.

A black used 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 for sale is shown towing an ATV through a field.

Shop Our Used Selection and Find a Silverado That Fits Your Budget and Needs

The beauty of shopping for a used Silverado 1500 is that the options are based on what's already out there, and you can find something that has all the features you want but at a much lower price than choosing from the latest lineup. This gives you a lot of bonuses when it comes to the shopping process, such as being able to find a fully packaged and fully equipped Silverado 1500 for a great price or a unique trim that you may have missed out on before when it initially launched, or a special edition you've always wanted but couldn't originally afford.

The beauty of shopping Riverton Chevrolet's used selection of Chevy Silverado 1500 models is that we have a little bit of everything for every type of shopper. Are you on a strict budget and need an awesome used Chevy Silverado that gets all the basics done and works as a daily driver or a work truck? We have those in stock. Are you looking for a luxury truck with leather-appointed seating and great interior comfort features? We've got you covered. Need something tuned for off-roading? We can help you find the right model for your adventures off the pavement.

No matter what type of pre-owned model you're looking for, we have it in our used inventory, which begins by exploring our selection online. You can search through our used selection of Silverado models to find a specific kind of Silverado 1500 model, or you can broaden your search by finding the model, the year, the trim, and even the kind of drivetrain and engine you want from your truck.

The versatility of defining your search for the exact kind of used Silverado 1500 that fits your budget and trucking needs makes Riverton Chevrolet such a great place to find the used Silverado 1500 models for sale that appeal to your shopping tastes. And once you've narrowed down some great options on our website, we invite you to come in and experience these models up close and personal with our knowledgeable sales team.

A white 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 is shown driving on an open road.

Make Your Silverado 1500 Stand Out With Our Vast Selection Parts and Accessories

Owning a light-duty pickup doesn't mean that what you buy is what you get. Owning a Silverado 1500 doesn't start and end with driving off the lot; there's a lot more to owning a full-size pickup truck that many truck shoppers have discovered, insofar that you can personalize and customize the truck to your own specifications, and the best part about it is that we can help.

At Riverton Chevrolet, we have a dedicated parts department so that you can repair, replace, or personalize your Silverado exactly how you want. With a wide variety of OEM parts, you can easily keep your Silverado 1500 running exactly the way you want; from mechanical replacements like brake pads and spark plugs to accessories like seat covers and cargo dividers to cosmetic alternatives like bed-liners and wheels, we give you the option to outfit your used Silverado your way. That's the benefit of having parts available to order and outfit your truck as you see fit.

Additionally, you can find all sorts of other accessories through our parts and accessories department, so you can find a great assortment of cargo nets, floor covers, mats, hitch attachments, mud flaps, assist steps, decals, and more. Almost every aspect you can alter or personalize on your Silverado 1500 can be modified with accessories that can further help make the truck feel original and personalized to your tastes. Talk with our sales staff at Riverton Chevrolet so we can help you find the perfect accessories to customize your pre-owned Silverado 1500.

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